About us

        Statewide Merchants offers several products which assist you in authorizing, processing, capturing and managing credit card and electronic check transactions in any setting. Whether you are a small startup or an industry conglomerate, we are here to assist you from point A to point B and ensure your sign up process is quick, simple and you are receiving the best rates possible. We review and assess your business to give you the best options for your individual business model

We’ve helped thousands of companies exponentially grow their sales by giving them the ability to accept credit cards and giving them a new means of doing business – via the world wide web. What makes us different is that we will help you accept payments in the method that is best for you and your business, not us. We’re also not going to sell or lease you a terminal – we are going to invest in your company and purchase one for you! You have a choice of 2 terminals that we offer for free. We also offer upgrades.

Are you already processing? Perfect! We are in the business of saving businesses money in what they are already doing – accepting credit cards. The question of the day is – Do You Want to Save Money?

Ready to start saving $$$? Call us now – What are you waiting for? You can start the process by filling out our online application

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